The New Broom Campaign

Together, we can clean up Glasgow!

The New Broom Campaign aims to improve the conditions of our streets, address neglected matters that require attention. Overflowing bins, dangerous potholes, and pest infestations are diminishing the city's appeal and causing frustration among residents. Together, we can make a difference.

Share your local concerns through our survey and send photographs for evidence. With your support, we'll hold the council accountable and demand action. Every week, I'll engage with the council on behalf of our community to ensure our streets are clean and safe for all.

Let's witness the transformation our city can achieve when we unite to address concerns. By confronting complaints collectively, we can have a stronger voice. Together, we can hold authorities accountable, advocate for solutions, and create a city we're proud to call home. Join the New Broom Campaign today and let's clean up Glasgow together!

To take part, email ( with any issues you have with the city, a photograph, the street name, and the date taken, so that I can include them all in my address to the council. 

Posts and updates will be available on my social media pages under the hashtag #newbroomcampaign


New Broom Campaign Survey

  • Current Your details
1. What are the most pressing issues you've noticed on Glasgow's streets? (Check all that apply)
2. Have you personally experienced any of the above issues in your neighbourhood?
3. How satisfied are you with the current response of the local council to address the issues on Glasgow's streets? (1- Very dissatisfied, 5- Very satisfied)

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